My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1965 - The resolution!

After having watched and reviewed all five nominated performances, it's time to pick the winner!

5. Simone Signoret in Ship of Fools

Simone adds a lot of dignity to her part but apart from suffering for 20 minutes, she barely gets anything to do. She is the female part of a very romantic, hopeless and tragic storyline but her presence is too limited and her character too underdeveloped to really shine.

Samantha Eggar’s character never really lets her go beyond the tasks of the script but it is nevertheless a very effective and absorbing portrayal of a frightened woman. She shows Miranda's struggle and hope to escape and how she goes through various psychological states of minds from refusal to acceptance to sympathy for her kidnapper and pure fear of death. Besides that, she is also able to prevent her character from stepping too much into the background next to the diabolical work from Terrence Stamp.

Everything in this movie is too sugarcoated and sweetish but Julie is magically able to be believable in an unbelievable part. She took cheesy, underdeveloped material and turned it into something much deeper and more mature than expected and that way gives a warm, humorous and touching performance that helps to keep the movie going.

2. Julie Christie in Darling

Julie Christie totally inhabits the character of Diana to the point that she doesn’t seem to be acting anymore. She is completely natural at everything she is doing in this performance is able to deliver a firework of emotions without ever making it seem unreal or overdone. She finds exactly the right tone for her character to fit her performance to the style of the movie.      

Elizabeth Hartman gives a wonderfully simple performance that illuminates the simple character she is playing at every second. She avoids any grand gestures and emotions and instead gives an honest and emotionally captivating performance that turns Selina into one of the most tragic and at the same time uplifting characters of all time which is a remarkable feat.


Sage Slowdive said...

I knew it ;D

So, is 1978 still next?

joe burns said...

After 1978, can you do 2008?

Fritz said...

Yep, 1978 is next.

I don't know about 2008 since I haven't seen enough of the movies...

joe burns said...

Sage could help you with the links! Or you could do 2004!

Fritz said...

Yes, I think 2004 would be possible!

joe burns said...

Oh good! I'm just wondering, would you do a Best Supporting Actress lineup? If so, you should do 1975!

Fritz said...

I thought once about doing Supporting Actress. I could do 2001. But first I will update my ranking of the Supporting Actress winners so I will soon post my new ranking here.

joe burns said...

Oh, that's great! So you'll be doing a ranking after you see Monique? And 2001 would be a great choice! Very interesting year.