My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1967 - The resolution

After having watched and reviewed all five nominated performances, it's time to pick the winner!

Audrey Hepburn can be applauded for completely neglecting her charming personality in this role and bringing a lot of determination to the screen to give a memorable, touching, frightening, entertaining and, most importantly, believable performance. It might be mostly on the surface but this was still enough to turn Wait until Dark into a gripping thriller.

Katharine Hepburn created a strong yet tragically helpless character, a warm and important presence that beautifully stands for a special kind of motherly love and anchors the movie’s most emotional moments while never giving in to easy sentimentality and avoids various clichés in her part even if she sometimes cannot fight against all the obstacles she is given by the screenplay.

Faye Dunaway certainly benefited from the legends surrounding the real Bonnie Parker but she also created a legend on her own and bursts with confidence and energy to catch all the different sides of her character, naturally running a wide array of human emotions and catching the comedy and the drama of the movie, even if she might lose some of her impact in later parts of the story.

2. Edith Evans in The Whisperers

It’s a performance that is almost impossible to fully grasp and understand as Edith Evans herself leaves so many questions open, constantly adding new aspects and dimensions to her part, flawlessly combining, separating, changing and intervening different parts and understandings of Mrs. Ross. Maybe Edith Evans played a character who, despite all the eccentricities and fantasies, is tragically ordinary. But her performance is anything but.

It’s a mysterious but at the same time very real performance that leaves the audience wanting more and being totally satisfied at the same time. Maybe the character of Mrs. Robinson is much more iconic than Anne Bancroft’s actual performance but this is a case when reality triumphs over everything that legend has created. It’s a fascinating and complex portrayal that fulfils all expectations and even more.


Louis Morgan said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

I love saying "acidic dialogue" when it comes to her performance.

Good job Fritz.

MrJeffery said...

Love your site! Bancroft's is one of the best ever.

Fritz said...

@MrJeffery: Thanks a lot and welcome! You're surely right, her body of work is amazing!

Michael Patison said...

I'm two years late, but I couldn't help commenting. I love that you picked Bancroft as you well should have. I was incredibly pleasantly surprised by Evans and would put her barely above Dunaway. Also, I can't help but think that A. Hepburn would've been far better served if she had been nominated for Two for the Road.

Fritz said...

Hello Michael, comments are always welcome, even a couple of years late! :-)

And oh my God, has it really been two years already???