My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1965

The next year will be 1965 and the nominees were

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

Julie Christie in Darling

Samantha Eggar in The Collector

Elizabeth Hartman in A Patch of Blue

Simone Signoret in Ship of Fools


Anonymous said...

Julie C. for the win!

I believe Simone is the shortest screentime nominee, with like 15 minutes on screen.

Fritz said...

Mmh, I think it was more around 25 mintues...Eleanor Parker in Detective Story has very short onscreen time and I have seen Interiors yesterday and was surprised how small Geraldine Page's role is

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I don't know. I remember Eleanor might have been around 20 minutes...I don't know lol

joe burns said...

Julie Andrews for the win!