My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1959 - The resolution!

After having watched and reviewed all five nominated performances, it's time to pick the winner!

5. Doris Day in Pillow Talk

In Pillow Talk, Doris Day combines child-like innocence with a good deal of sex and creates a character who stands for everything that she is famous for – Jan is a little naïve, pure and innocent, apparently independent and happy without a man while secretly desperate to meet one. It’s an honest and good-hearted characterization that is mostly overshadowed by the hilarious work from Miss Day’s co-stars but she acts with ease and simplicity and helps to turn Pillow Talk into a charming comedy.

Elizabeth Taylor gives the kind of exaggerated performance that a character like Catherine in a movie like Suddenly, Last Summer surely needs. She is melodramatic and over-the-top but never does she become unbelievable. She performs her challenging part with an astonishing rawness and dedication that is almost exhausting to watch.

3. Simone Signoret in Room at the Top

Simone Signoret’s wonderful voice, her captivating accent and her unique beauty help immensely to give the suffering and melancholic Alice all the qualities the script demands from her. Her no-nonsense and thoughtful approach to this passionate character is very unique and she wonderfully underplays all the emotions of Alice to give a very subtle performance of a very fervid woman.

2. Audrey Hepburn in The Nun's Story

In a performance that is a masterwork in subtlety and grace, Audrey Hepburn as usually shines like an angel but she also flawlessly demonstrates her character’s constant inner struggle with a mix of doubt and confidence that is beautiful to watch in its simplicity. She works from inside to bring Gabrielle to life and carries the movie wonderfully as she is always believable in every step of her character.

Katharine Hepburn leaves little doubt that Mrs. Venable is very close to a mental breakdown but she chose to avoid any grand gestures or crazy facial work and instead decided to play the part as straight-forward and subtle as possible without ever making it too subtle – the craziness is always there but in a very controlled and hidden way which makes her whole performance incredibly mesmerizing. She dominates the screen with self-security and self-assurance but there is always a desperation and loneliness behind her façade that gets her closer and closer to the edge of insanity.


joe burns said...

Seems like a strong year! Do 1941 or 2007 next!

Anonymous said...

Do 1969 next Fritz!

Tom said...

Wow. 5 Luises for Kate!

Fritz said...

Well, as I said once, I don't have so many choices for the years since I have to see what movies I can find to re-watch. In most years, I miss one or two that I can't find so I can only do years where all 5 movies are available to me. I'm gonna look a little today what's possible for me to do next.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen all the nominees from 69?

Fritz said...

I have Jane and Maggie on DVD, but I haven't seen Jean yet and Liza and Genvieve (spelling?) is decades ago...