My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1928

The next year will be 1928 and the nominees were

Louise Dresser in A Ship Comes in

Janet Gaynor in Seventh Heaven

Janet Gaynor in Street Angel

Janet Gaynor in Sunrise

Gloria Swanson in Sadie Thompson


Louis Morgan said...

This one will be interesting.

I'll guess:

1. Swanson
2. Gaynor (Seventh Heaven)
3. Dresser
4. Gaynor (Sunrise)
5. Gaynor (Street Angel)

Michael Patison said...

I'll say, having not seen any of them:
1. Janet Gaynor (Sunrise)
2. Gloria Swanson
3. Janet Gaynor (Seventh Heaven)
4. Louise Dresser
5. Janet Gaynor (Street Angel)

Allen said...

Rootin' for my girl Swanson! I'm excited to cross-examine our thoughts!

moviefilm said...

1) Janet Gaynor - Sunrise
2) Gloria Swanson
3) Janet Gaynor - Seventh Heaven
4) Louise Dresser
5) Janet Gaynor - Street Angel

Derek Bowman said...

Oooh, fun year! :)

I've only seen Sunrise, and thought Gaynor was just alright in a blah part. But that film <3333

My guess is you'll either go with Swanson or Gaynor (Seventh Heaven), but I wouldn't be floored by any other Gaynor winning either. :)

augie said...

Is there a timeline when you are going to start doing the reviews of these first ladies on Oscar's list ?

I really enjoy your blog.
John Augustin

Fritz said...

Hey Augie, thanks a lot! Unfortunately I have no timeline...I have extremely little free time on my hands and I am also an extremely slow writer as you probably noticed from my blog already...I hope to publish the first review soon but I really can't promise anything...