My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1949

The next year will be 1949 and the nominees were

Jeanne Crain in Pinky

Olivia de Havilland in The Heiress

Susan Hayward in My Foolish Heart

Deborah Kerr in Edward, My Son

Loretta Young in Come to the Stable


Mythical Monkey said...

I'm going with Olivia de Havilland myself here, with everyone else jockeying for a distant second ...

Louis Morgan said...

Glad to see something from you.

I don't think anyone can be de Havilland nor should they.


1. Havilland
2. Hayward
3. Kerr
4. Young
5. Crain

Fritz said...

Thanks Louis, it feels great to be back! :-) I hope that I might have an enthusiastic period before me where can write more and also start commenting again! :-)

dinasztie said...

Glad to see you again. :)

I think Olivia will easily win.

How did you get My Foolish Heart?

Anonymous said...

Not an excellent performance, but De Havilland should win:

1. de Havilland
2. Hayward
3. Kerr
4. Young
5. Crain

I'm glad you're back.


Anonymous said...

Yay for your return!

I've only seen Crain and Young, and they are AWFUL and mediocre respectively. But I'm definitely interested in what you think.

Mac C. said...

It's a weak year, but de Havilland's performance is one of the best wins ever. Her character does a complete 180 and it's very believable. I've always enjoyed the ambiguity of the ending... will she find happiness or will she die a bitter spinster? The range of emotions she expresses when Montgomery Clift holds her near the end is incredible and any of her scenes with the wonderful Ralph Richardson are impressive. I think each of the 4 leads are fantastic, but de Havilland, Richardson and Hopkins each provide well rounded characters. The dialogue is sharp: "I can be very cruel. I have been taught... by masters." or Elizabeth:"Austin, no child could compete with this image you have of her mother." Austin " You're not entitled to say that. Only I know what I lost when she died and what I got in her place." I'm surprised this movie isn't as remembered as other lesser period pieces.