My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1985

The next year will be 1985 and the nominees were

Anne Bancroft in Agnes of God

Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple

Jessica Lange in Sweet Dreams

Geraldine Page in The Trip to Bountiful

Meryl Streep in Out of Africa


Malcolm said...

Pretty forgotten year. Page has 90% chances of winning. But I'm hoping it's either going to be Goldberg or Streep. Both portrayed strong women (in varying degrees).

Streep's nomination is not so well regarded because it's considered to be too technical. But I love it.

Louis Morgan said...

Page or Goldberg will probably win.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm, Geraldine played a strong woman too! Actually, Patsy Cline and Anne Bancroft's superior nun, were strong women as well.

Anyways, Geraldine (I'm hoping) will win this easily.

joe burns said...

Geraldine vs. Whoopi, though the other nominees (With the exception of Streep) aren't talked about at all. Here's what I think your ranking will be:

1. Page

2. Goldberg

3. Lange

4. Streep

5. Bancroft

Though I'm really shaky on 3 and below.

Fritz said...

@Malcolm: Well, I can tell you right now that I think Out of Africa is a pretty good let's see how much Streep is a part of this!

@Louis: We'll see! :-)

@Sage: I agree that they are all strong women.

@Joe: Your ranking looks very logical! We'll see if it's true! :-)

Fritz said...

When you look at the pictures of the nominees, Geraldine and Whoopi seem to be pretty sure that they will do well. The other three look rather worried...

joe burns said...

Ha ha......

Anonymous said...

I hope Geraldine Page wins


dinasztie said...

For me it's between Geraldine and Whoopi. Both gave heartbreaking, gutwrenching performances deserving of a win. But in an ordinary year I might have given Streep the win (who was so brilliant and yet people dislike her in this)

Peter Eramo said...

Not the greatest year for leading ladies. I would think in hindsight, Whoopi would win now. My vote this year was always for Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. She keeps losing just because she gets nominated every year - but soemtimes, like here, she is deserving.

Twister said...

I haven't seen Goldberg but I hear she's fantastic! I can't wait to hear what you say!