My current Top 5

My current Top 5


Best Actress 1939 - The resolution!

After having watched and reviewed all five nominated performances, it's time to pick the winner!

5. Irene Dunne in Love Affair

Irene Dunne gives an intelligent performance of a romantic character and her ability to combine drama with comedy turn Terry into a real human being but her chemistry with Charles Boyer is disappointing and the writing often lets her down.

Greer Garson is incredibly charming in the role of Kathy, the woman who gets Mr. Chipping out of his shell and turns him into a popular school master. Unfortunately, the part of Kathy is mostly a plot device and never turns into a three-dimensional character.

Greta Garbo's deadpan line deliveries and her stone-faced expression turn a stern Soviet Comrade into a hilarious character while her chemistry with Melvyn Douglas makes this movie a real classic.

Playing a rich, care-free young girl diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor, Bette Davis delivers one of the most moving performances ever put on the screen. All her talents are used to maximum effect in showing this strong-willed woman's acceptance of her own death.

Carrying the most famous movie of all time, Vivien Leigh delivers the best-known and most iconic performance in motion picture history that gets better with each viewing. She becomes one with Scarlett O'Hara, a character she was born to play and brings to life in the most unforgettable way.


Oneliner said...

Ooops! Sorry I jumped the gun on this in my last comment under your Vivian Leigh review... but I guess her win was inevitable. Greta Garbo lost out on her Oscar when she was passed over for CAMILLE, but I like her in Ninotchka and I'm glad they gave her once last nomination.

Fritz said...

Yes, Vivien's win was a sure thing from the start. I think the next time I'm gonna choose a year where I am not sure about the winner yet.